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General Dentist

General dentistry involves all dental procedures that do not require the need for a specialist to treat. This includes everything from a simple cleaning and scaling, filling, root canal treatment to even the placement of a dental implant.


Starting from a simple visual intra-oral examination of the mouth, your general dentist may use diagnostic aids such as X-rays and trans-illumination lights along with his dental probe to diagnose your dental problem and to make a treatment plan accordingly.

Scaling and cleaning

To clean stains and built-up tartar and calculus, simple ultra-sonic instruments are used that vibrate at high speeds to remove stains and calculus from your teeth and below your gums.


Your general dentist can simply fill cavities with an appropriate material to restore the function and aesthetics of your teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

For cavities which have reached deep within the tooth pulp, a root canal treatment is needed to restore the tooth to its functional form and to eliminate further spread of infection and pain. This is followed by the placement of a dental crown over the treated tooth.

Dental Implants

For replacement of a missing tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants can be placed within the bone to permanently support a prosthesis and replace the missing teeth.