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DenturesAs we age, our body naturally requires that our teeth eventually give way and are lost. There may be other reasons such as periodontal disease and trauma that cause tooth loss. Dentures serve to replace those lost teeth.

A denture is an acrylic prosthetic replacement for missing teeth. It may be partial for just a few missing teeth, or complete for all missing teeth. Either way, they serve to reestablish speech, function and aesthetics for those with lost teeth, greatly improving a patient’s quality of life.

Dentures are either removable or fixed, they may attach to implants, other teeth or purely to the soft tissues in the mouth via suction. Implant retained dentures give an excellent prosthetic result, giving patients the feel of a natural set of teeth. They do not dislodge and can be removed for easy cleaning and oral hygiene maintenance.

Partial dentures can gain attachment via clasps on other teeth present in the mouth. It is best that you discuss your dental needs, aesthetics and goals with your dentist in order achieve the most suitable prosthetic replacement for you!