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Cosmetic Dentistry

Everyone desires a beautiful smile, no matter what age they may be. Cosmetic dentistry involves allowing you to improve even the most minor imperfections in your teeth, to give you the confidence you desire when you smile.

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a range of dental procedures that change everything about your teeth, ranging from their height, color, closing spaces, hiding cracks and chips and ultimately, enhancing your smile altogether!

Here are some of the most common and easily available Cosmetic dental procedures, suited for your individual dental needs:


Biologically-safe bleach is used to whiten teeth dramatically in the office in just under an hour.

Re-contouring and Shaping

Smoothening and leveling irregular, worn or chipped surfaces of teeth to improve their function and appearance.

Dental bonding

Also known as composite bonding, a tooth colored material known as composite resin is used to build-up spaced and chipped portions of your teeth.


Extremely thin, custom-made shells are bonded onto the surfaces of teeth to completely change their shape, size color and length.