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Crooked or incorrectly positioned teeth are a common occurrence and can prevent individuals from fully maintaining the health of their teeth. Over, under, and cross bite problems can result from having crooked teeth. The risks of developing tooth decay or gum disease may increase with this problem.

Braces are the most common remedies to crooked teeth. These are metal trays that are applied to the teeth to straighten them over time. They often require regular maintenance as well monthly tightening adjustments to ensure effectiveness. Often, braces take months or years to achieve their desired results. Individuals are often uncomfortable wearing such products on their teeth because their weight and appearance often distracts them from their daily oral activities.

Priority Dental Group offers an alternative tool to straighten teeth known as Invisalign. The Invisalign trays are more lighter, smaller , and less visible than traditional metal braces. Patients are highly attracted to using Invisalign because of their comfort and transparency. The trays require replacement at least two times a month so their effect can stay optimal. In just a few months, patients can receive a straightened and attractive smile they can show off.

Consult with our experts whenever you’re in need of a picture perfect smile and we will have the precise solution available.