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Cosmetic Dentist

Many people who are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Ontario, go to see Dr. Parvin Karimi of the Priority Dental Group. Dr. Karimi has been providing cosmetic dental procedures for children and adults for many years. She has the knowledge, experience, and skill to create that beautiful smile that you long for.

There are a lot of people who know they need a cosmetic dentist to correct flaws they see with their teeth but they aren’t really sure exactly what they need or the options available to them to correct these flaws. What does a dentist use to create the beautiful smiles they see on other people?

Veneers are designed to change the shape, size, and color of a tooth. A jagged tooth can appear straight and complete. Small teeth can look longer. Gaps between teeth can be closed. Stains and discoloration can be lightened or masked by teeth whitening or tooth bonding. Porcelain crowns are all used to create beautiful looking teeth. Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants, bridges, partials, and dentures.